About Us

Buyer Pair is a Co-buying platform. We at Buyer Pair are very dedicated in helping you find a partner to buy a home or multi-unit property during this unaffordable time. There is one solution and that is to partner up with someone else and create a Partnership or TIC (tenants in common). Developed by a Real Estate Broker from the San Francisco Bay Area, he has firsthand knowledge of how crazy the market can be.

Why Buyer Pair

We fulfill your property ownership dreams.

Buyer Pair is a co-buying website that helps buyers find other buyers to purchase a property together as a partnership or TIC (tenant in common). Have you ever thought, what if I can find someone to buy with? I would like to be a homeowner or investor but do not have enough financing to buy a property on my own. Buying Real Estate has become less affordable across the United States. Using Buyer Pair you can find like-minded individuals with similar needs and criteria to pull your finances together!

Buyer Pair is the go to solution to the Real Estate affordability crisis problem that is across the U.S.